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German Text about “ückendorf_scans” by Christiane Kuhlmann

The project is to be regarded as a counterpoint to the high speeds found in digital photography.
Not, however, as a sign of personal rejection of the new media – the idea behind this project is
more a form of concept-based personal slowdown, concentrated work, personal awareness
of the environment.

The technical part is handled by a high resolution digital camera which moves along a specially
designed rail system and can be used to photograph and scan individual surfaces/objects/subjects.
The individual images are then put together to make life-size pictures. A finished picture consists
of up to 20 individual images – giving you a high-quality finish. When you take a closer look at
the finished picture, the high technical quality reveals new aspects in the contents.

The with regard to the genre of portrait photography and the slowing down of what is normally a
very spontaneous act in portrait photography represent an additional aspect of communication
between photographer and model. The photographer takes on an exceptionally domineering
role in this „game“. He literally rises above the model. The model has no possibility of
movement. He or she is at the mercy of the photographer for one to two minutes.

The result is a form of victim/assailant situation (as is very often the case in photography).
The shooting angle does the rest, making sure that once the exhibition picture is put up
vertically again, there is something strange, distant and removed about it.
An impersonal, unapproachable image develops, something that can only be
the result of personal trust and personal closeness …






ORF Kulturmontag, 12.12.2016